Sunday, 30 December 2007

EU part 4 more to follow soon

Your councillors are being abolished
And unless you kindly visit them and tell them, they may have no idea. The European Regionalisation Plan will sweep away all Britain’s 48 counties and replace them with nine EU Regions reporting directly to Brussels, bypassing Westminster.

Devon and Cornwall will be abolished, and replaced with an EU Region stretching from Lands End to Cheltenham and Poole. Exeter already boasts on its "Welcome" road signs that it’s the
Regional Capital. Hundreds of thousands of civil servants are already in the Regional structure, and the police are being forced in at a cost of £600 million. (They conceal these are EU Regions.)
The plan is your address will change from 10High Street, Plymouth Devon, England, to 100 High Street, Plymouth, Area K, European Union.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) is in charge of the handover of power to the EU, and inside that David Milliband, Minister of Communites, was responsible at the local government and quango levels (now Ruth Kelly). The handover is already well underway in Devon, with the unelected South West Regional Assembly (SWRA) established on the 2nd July 1998 in Exeter. It has 117 seats.

A few councillors who toe the EU line, or have been on Common Purpose courses, may get coopted on. But all the existing seats in Town councils, District and County councils will be
abolished, unless our councillors have the courage of their convictions and stop it.

But each council’s convictions are being sapped by an ODPM "Monitoring Officer."
If a councillor has opinions that don’t toe the ODPM line, he is reported to the
"Standards Board for England," who suspends him for up to five years under the Local Government Act 2000.

EU organisations like the ODPM and Common Purpose are sidelining councillors by swamping them with paperwork, "partnerships" and initiatives, handing the power to the unelected executive, and local democracy is breaking down. That's why you've no control over your council tax - councillors are becoming powerless.

All this became inevitable when the Queen signed Ted Heath’s 1972 EU Treaty of Accession.

The Queen has signed six EU treaties: when she signs the seventh and final EU treaty, perhaps in the next three years, our counties will go. We will then be in the EU’s "Post democratic era," and unable to stop it.

There are 19,579 Councillors nationwide and we need to alert them town by town. Please visit yours and ask them to remember their duty is to their own local electorate, not to a national government attempting to abolish them illegally.

They should throw their Monitoring Officer out of council meetings, and set up a full ballot of their electorate, and ask the voters the question:

"Do you wish your county and councillors to be abolished in favour of a European South West Region, and an unelected assembly?"

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