Sunday, 30 December 2007

EU part 3

Ten EU truths we must tell the public

1. The leaderships of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties have been taken over by pro-Europeans. These leaderships implement the EU's policy, and ignore the wishes of their voters. That's why your vote doesn't make a difference.

2. The European Union has the Constitution of a dictatorship, and the laws of a police state. Dictatorships lead to oppression and poverty. The EU Constitution is similar to the old Soviet Union's.

3. Once the Queen has signed the sixth and final EU Treaty in June next year, the very much alive EU Constitution makes it clear the EU will completely abolish the nations of Britain and England (and our Lib, Lab and Con parties, clause I-46-4).

4. The EU is illegal under British law. Four Prime Ministers and the Queen have committed five acts of Treason by signing five EU treaties which will abolish our nation and replace it with the EU; they had to repeal the laws of Treason in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act (s36.3) to escape prosecution.

5. The police state growing around you, and reported on by some national newspapers, is the EU police state. We've been in the EU for 34 years, we are harmonising our laws with the EU, the emerging police state is the result.

6. Political correctness, the undermining of parents, the family and teachers, the teaching of sex and homosexuality to under tens, the promotion of single parent families etc. is subversion by the EU or its Common Purpose organisation over the last 34 years, using the plans of the German Frankfurt School.

7. The EU will be an economic disaster. We now lose £30 billion a year trading with Europe; before we joined we broke even. The EU's 111,000 regulations cost us £100 billion a year (Better Regulation Commission Annual Report 2005); they will bring us a soviet style command economy and poverty. Our politicians lied to us.

8. If you have voted Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem over the last 34 years you have voted for the EU police state, and for the abolition of your own party.

9. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made our government agree to sign the final “Reform Treaty;” which will enforce the EU Constitution from 1st January 2009. The EU constitution makes no allowance for a British General Election, which isn't due until 5th May 2010, so it is unlikely another will be permitted. You will by then be imprisoned inside the EU police state, where you will be ruled by unelected EU dictators, who will control the nuclear weapons of what used to be Britain and France.

10. Britain is the fifth largest economy amongst the world's 200 nations. Forget elections and parties, whose leaderships are controlled by the EU. Fight the direct anti EU campaigns on eutruth to get Britain back before its too late. Start by visiting your MP in his local surgery and warn him he will lose his £240,000 salary and expenses when the EU closes Westminster on 5th May 2010.

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