Sunday, 30 December 2007

EU part 2

The Abolition of Britain's 48 counties.
England's 48 counties are being abolished and replaced with 9 European Regions under the European Regionalisation Plan. We became committed when the Queen signed, without our consent, the 1972 European Communities Act. The Queen's signing of Maastricht and the Amsterdam Treaty have speeded up the process.

England's 20,000 town, district and county Councillors will also be abolished. There is no democratic process here; it is being done illegally, but central government does not expect councillors to stand up for their rights, or ours.

To give two examples, the county of Cornwall will be abolished and replaced by a European Region who's boundaries stretch from Land's End to include the former counties of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. The Regional Capital is Exeter, as that city proclaims on its road signs.

The South Eastern Region includes Hampshire to Kent; it's Regional Capital is Calais. The 9 Regional Capitals report directly to the 25 unelected EU Commissioners in Brussels, not to Westminster, which will very effectively eliminate the nation of England.

EU treaties & publications abolishing our 48 Counties.
1971 The European Commission produced the map of England broken up into 9 regions.
1973 EU "Common Regional Policy" was established.
1987 Single European Act expanded Regional Policy
1992 Regionalisation was introduced in Article 198 of the Maastricht treaty, which re-stated much of the 1957 Treaty of Rome. Its 130 unreadable pages cross refer to other treaties and documents by Article number, so without reading four thousand pages at once, an impossible task, it conceals its true intent and should never have been signed. Article 198 set up the Committees of the regions, which means 444 extra UK representatives to pay for in Europe, plus their staff, travel and other expenses. 1997 Amsterdam Treaty (Articles 263-5) adopts European Regionalisation.

Over a thousand government departments and quangos now use the Euro-Region structure, instead of counties; all new departments do automatically, as do EU constituencies for the powerless European Parliament.

2002 April John Prescott announced the plans to abolish the counties in Parliament to the horror of his back benchers, who wanted it kept quiet.

2003 3rd Dec. Minister of State for Local Government and the Regions Nicholas Raynsford said in a Commons answer: “It is now quite clear that County and District/Borough Councils will be replaced with Unitary Authorities and Regions.”

And now, at a cost of £600 million, the Police are being forced out of the counties into the 9
Regions, but did you notice no one called it the EU Regions? The EU works by stealth.
But the government and Mr Raynsford attempt to conceal what is happening and even deny they are abolishing the counties. The truth is, with hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats already in the EU Regional structure, the government is lying again.

If you read them (our MP's didn't), the six EU treaties the Queen has signed over the last 33 years define and build an unelected dictatorship that replaces our nation. EU laws the Queen has signed give it the powers of a police state. For 33 years we have been denied the fundamental right to vote against the EU to stop the abolition of our own nation. Please go and see your councillors with this document and show them what's happening. Tell whoever you can.

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