Thursday, 29 November 2007


Me & Nick Griffin at Oxford University

Well that was an interesting night on Monday at Oxford University for the debate. See the other blogs for more in depth reports.

The violence of the left is apparent, due to the lack of any police presence in numbers.

In this day and age violence should not be allowed, in any form, no matter what your views. But now people can see the lefties for what they really are. You decide what that is right or wrong, its the individuals choice.

Saturday, 24 November 2007


Friday 23rd November 2007

1 Members of the Carlisle branch of the British National Party have been upset by reports of their involvement in a disturbance in Carlisle earlier this year following one of their meetings.
The misunderstanding came out of a reference in court this week, which was made in error, when it should have referred to a meeting held in Carlisle by the National Front. CFM understands the defence barrister involved has apologised to the court for the mistake.
There's was no implication that any of their members were involved in the disturbance.

2 A man has been found guilty of a sexual assault on a 91-year-old woman patient at a Carlisle care home.

53 year old Bulgarian Neyko Neykov of Ruthella Street in the city carried out the assault on the woman at the Blackwell Vale nursing home where he worked as a cleaner. He was remanded in custody for a month for background reports.

The judge told him he would inevitably be sent to prison for such a serious offence, and he could also be deported.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Co Option to Council

From Allerdale Council site:

Co-Option Procedures at a Council meetingOnly Parish/Town Councillors present at the meeting may nominate, second or vote upon a person to fill the vacancy. At this meeting, members should be informed of the names and addresses of anyone wishing to be considered as a Councillor. Councillors present at the meeting must then decide if they wish to nominate any of the persons named at the meeting or any other persons known to them. A Councillor does not have to nominate any of the persons named. Any Councillor may nominate someone for the vacancy, provided the nomination is seconded, that name may be voted upon.

Voting for the new councillor is by show of hands unless the Council has adopted Standing Orders which allow any other form of voting in Council. If there is only one vacancy, a Councillor may only nominate or second one candidate. The chairman should place the names of those properly nominated into alphabetical order and take a vote. Councillors have only one vote each. The first candidate to receive an absolute majority of those present and voting is declared elected. Should no single candidate receive a majority on the first vote, the person with the lowest number of votes is eliminated, voting takes place on the remainder, one vote per councillor.

This continues until one person receives an absolute majority.

If there is more than one vacancy, a Councillor may nominate one person for each seat. Each Councillor has one vote per seat, i.e. two votes or three votes according to the number of vacancies.

The successful candidate is then declared co-opted to the Council and summoned to attend the next Council Meeting where he/she will sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office to agree to be bound by the Code of Local Government Conduct.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Back Home

Just got back from Blackpool where a great 3 days was had at the BNP Conference.

Lots of instruction on the Saturday & the Conference itself on the Sunday. Arrived Friday midday so decided to attend the meal at night. This was my first conference but it will definately not be my last.

Lots of great speeches & debate on sunday & Nick's closing one was one of the best I have heard from him. Lots of decisions where made by democratic ballot not just imposed from the powers that be, but thats something this government knows nothing about as they just dictate to us all what we can or can not do.

But you do have a choice, if your fed up with been treated as a second class citizen in your own country the first chance you get vote BNP.

Dont believe what the media says see for yourselves at your local meetings.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Maryport Yobs

I think this is disgusting. No sign of respect for our fallen Hero's.
They should be publicly humiliated when caught. they wouldn't do it again.

What will you or Maryport Town Council do about this?
I would say as usual less than nothing.

Please post your reactions to this here so i can pass on your concerns to Maryport Town Council at the next Meeting

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Reply to Carl Holding

The BNP/ Labour debate rages on in Maryport.

well well well carl, your showing your true colours now.

I was at the parish council meeting & for your information there were 4 vaccancies with 6/7 people asked to attend but only 3 plus myself bothered to turn up, so as in through the back door i dont think so, as if the others had bothered to turn up it would have gone to a vote.

If you had been at that meeting you would have seen for yourself that it was all open & above board

Monday, 5 November 2007


As Broughton Moor Parish Councillor & BNP Official , I would like to thank Clive, Karl, Paul, Tony, Brian, Glen, Bill & everyone else in Cumbria BNP for their help & support since i joined.

None of this would have been possible without their help & also the local people who have shown me support as well.

Again THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. Nigel Williamson