Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Allerdale Developemant Council bulldoze Public again

At a meeting held this afternoon at the Carnegie Theatre Workington, the developement council voted 11 to 6 in favour of the new Tesco megastore. This was against public opinion as voiced by at least 15/20 people at the meeting, ranging from personal to representation & Save the Cloffocks campaign. Also in attendence were the local TV & Press. There is an ongoing dispute about who owns the land, checkout below.


Save the Cloffocks Campaign, Please support, dont let the big supermarkets & The Council ignore public opinion yet again.

How can this land be built on if it's not owned by the council??????

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Anonymous said...

Cumbrian, we all know this is happening up and down (no pun intended) the country and is a disgrace to the public that the government GIVES the land to THE PEOPLE and then takes it away. I wouldn't be surprised if it was on a hitlist because it was a 'culturally West Cumbrian, English, British!' site for a sport that brings a community and communities together. But we who know better believe it an effort to erode our history once again.
They are NOT LISTENING! Here is a fantastic article for those not acquainted - read it and see what is wrong with this sport first acknowledged in 1775.